I Love Camping!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Camping and mountain climbing has been a hobby for me since high school (which would translate into junior high in the US) and it has been a very good recreational activity for me and my friends. I never hesitate to go out and hike a bit because of the things you can get from the camaraderie and lessons when you go through this arduous task. Imagine going through the trail for hours before you get to a certain camp site and take your well deserved rest. I don't know if this is what you call torture in some cases but it seems effective. Getting some parts of it to be a chance to help each other builds strategy and rapport. I don't know if that is rocket science but if you ask where we are now, I think we have used that kind of service to better prepare ourselves in the corporate world. I know it looks odd but I felt it had a good overall effect to what we are doing in planning and execution. This is definitely a good exercise! I would have opted to have travel trailers so we would all have the most comfortable place to sleep and eat but at that time we settled for the harsh weather, a couple of tents and a fire pit to cook our barbecue. It was still nice and scrumptious!

The view from the mountain top was extremely beautiful! Just take a look at this photo that I took using a non commissioned GSM phone. It made all of us feel that the 6 hour ordeal to the summit well worth it. I screamed my lungs out when we got here and I was proud to have even achieved the feat. I was not that healthy looking when we did this so imagine the weight I was carrying around while doing this. The reason for mentioning this trip is because we plan to go back to this place on April. I would never be surprised if it is going to take a couple of hours less since we already have done it. I love camping and being with the best team of people to work with. It makes life easier bar none!


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