Troubling News Again

Monday, March 08, 2010

It's so troubling to hear on Larry King that another 13 year old girl was raped and killed. These things keep happening on a modern day in the US and I think it is inexcusable. Why do these former prisoners that are out on a bail just freely roam out in the public without government supervision? I wonder what ordinary residents would feel if their neighbors are sex offenders. I wonder how they would feel if this is the real picture in other states and they could not do anything about it. There should be a continued effort from both private and public sector to educate these people and prevent repeat offenders. I do not know about what the congress could do but I am for harsher punishment for parole violators. Mississippi sex offender reports are available on line and I hope other states and countries have this too. It would be beneficial to just get hold of that information. I believe in giving access to the public and this is just an example of that. I believe in second chances but I also know that the choice of living in a safe neighborhood should be given priority. I would want my own family to live somewhere safe and free from worries. If I work all day and come back to my wife and kids knowing that they are safe then that would be the greatest reward I could receive from the government. Make sure you check out sites that provide this data so before you even purchase a house you at least would get an idea how the community works. This should never be endemic to any place anytime.


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