Thinking About Investing

Thursday, March 04, 2010

I am right now middle aged and my goal to be a millionaire by 40 is really getting closer. Since I am going full throttle this year, I was thinking of what I would do with the extra money I have. Investing takes a lot out of me because I have many options. I once planned to engage in the stock market but since it is very volatile it is not a safe place to do this. My friends told me to put up small food businesses but the capability to maintain people in a not so white collared job is really going to take up much of my time. This is going to be good but I need to study their case studies. Dishing out the money is easy but I would need to do the homework myself. I need to probably investigate the company I am going to give my money to. Check out the place I would be putting it up and make sure the market is there. Aside from that, I need to check out the company's capability to maintain support as far as the investments are concerned. There are bankrupt fly by night ones and I would really need to avoid that. Maybe if we had on line services like Kansas bankruptcy then it would have been easy to check them out. I do not think we have that here yet but it would be really nice if someone would start showing these public records right?!

It is the safety of the investment that I am worried about. I would not want to end up broke after a few weeks of operation. Aside from that I wanted to look at other options aside from food. My friends tell me that there is this perfume business looming around the metro and they are looking for ways to expand their business. I think that would be a good thing to look at once I have checked out the food cart businesses first. I would be glad to achieve more than what I could think of and if investing is the key, let me in that line of business! Who does not want to get rich anyway?!


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