Sad Day

Friday, March 12, 2010

It is quite a sad day for me. I just got home from a wake of a new friend I just met. I remember the time we drank a couple of rounds of beer. The time that he asked me for advice. The times when we laughed a couple of times because of stories from our common friends. I could have gained another friend but I was shock to hear he died 2 days ago. He was hit by a blunt object on his head while on a drinking spree outside their house in Valenzuela. I wonder what could have been if we talked more since then. Well he already passed on. I hope the perpetrators would be caught by police and suffer the consequences of their actions.

I pray that his soul rest in peace. I hope all our other friends and his family find comfort in the Lord. With all the things that happened to them and the sufferings he had encountered when he lived alone, I hope that would all go away and be replenished by everything good GOD has to offer. I am not much of a prayerful person but for him I would. He deserves it and I wish his siblings be safe. Blessed be.


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