Quest for the Best Web Host

Thursday, March 18, 2010

This site of mine has already been up for about a little over 4 years. I did have some problems since this is probably hosted on a shared server. My guess is that my host probably had this account on a huge one together with other sites so he can get the prices down. Unfortunately it doesn't really come that cheap. The problem with that is; if one of us suddenly violates the laws governing the CYBERWORLD and gets taken down... the whole line also loses their domain. In this day and age a downtime would mean thousands of dollars to ordinary NETIZENS like me. What if I already own a small office/home office business and used this kind of service?! That would be just disastrous to even think about. Getting a dedicated web hosting is tantamount to the success of any business. I should get one for mine soon!

This lease on the domain which I have will expire around August and that is quite near. I have to make sure moving files, photos and stories would be accomplished before we lose important data. I can imagine the time that it would take because I have about a thousand posts already. Aside from that, I want to make all the photos crawled on a single server and with those high resolution copies it would probably take a long time to have them uploaded and hosted via FTP. I want to showcase my photos for prospective clients and since I have a brand running (which is quite popular now on the Internet) I will pursue putting them here along with the other services I plan to market. I have been doing a little video editing on the side for small fashion houses in Manila and this would be appropriate if I got unlimited space. I know this would be kind of abrupt but I have to seize the opportunity and get dedicated webhosting services as soon as possible. With my goal of getting to be a millionaire by the time I am 40, I need every bit of advantage to make that a reality. I would not gamble my life's savings sharing servers with people I don't know. If you were in my place I know you would start striving for success as early as now! This is the start of my quest for the best web host!


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