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Friday, March 05, 2010

I have been a fan of computer games since I was a kid. From the 2D platform games and other weird mock ups from today's successful gaming corporations, I always follow what people say is best and see for myself if it at least passes my standards. I am a very meticulous gamer if you can put that into words. Since I have been working for a multinational corporation that deals with network security, they literally have locked down every on line game I know from the Internet. I do get to play great flash format ones like the things in Poptropica Games and I enjoy them a lot. It is surreal that even in those software based 2D titles I still get to play the titles I have done in the past. Shooting from space ships, jumping from bricks to monsters and everything in between... I am so glad I could still get my hands on them. I love flash games and if there was an opportunity to use my spare time between breaks then I will be the first one to suggest where to go when my office mates need it too.

I know my friends could recommend more titles but this one seems to be already complete. I love this so much I play more at home too. Who says it all ended when new consoles came up right?! Classic Flash Games Rule!


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