Photo Back Logs

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Okay I admit I have not been post processing my photos that much but that is because of work. I have my priorities and this has definitely been a gruesome year for me because of a new hobby and new post. I work for a multinational corporation that needs special attention. Work is very important to me that is why I spent 5 years not incurring an absence or leave. I know sometimes I need to rest but my work ethics have the best of me most of the time so I always give in. It is hard don't get me wrong, but the fulfillment that I get when I see us doing a good job is addicting. When your boss knows you are doing a good job and later on give what is due you, then that is professional fulfillment. I could never trade that with anything in the world right now. I guess that is one reason I never really have that much time with love. Awe shucks! LOL

But I will be working on it now. My photos are already loaded on my laptop and got them running on the Lightroom Software now. Managing colors and alignment first before I do final retouches on Photoshop. I am optimistic I would be able to finish all my backlogs before the month ends and I will be starting with the latest photoshoot I had with my team in the office. Going to do layouts for them first in black backgrounds. =)


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