The Antics of Saui Masanque

Thursday, March 04, 2010

I've got this friend from my photography club the NOCTURNALS named Saui Masanque (this guy in the right) and I have been contemplating on writing a post for him because of the hilarious things he has done on our photos. Most of the time he just goes into this mode where he makes fun of everyone and sometimes he just curls up into a ball and falls in love with the models. This is a law that nobody should break but it looks like he often makes mistakes and do the deed. I applaud his humor though... in the hours that I spent in the office, I kinda eagerly await the series of photos he puts out on our forum thread and boy I literally laugh out loud! Ha-ha and I have this feeling that it would not be the last thing he'll be doing so I am going to try and put up his work here. So here it goes:

Just look at this movie series he's makin with our celebrity friend, famous DJ Papa Jack

Even I was part of the elves here I think LOL

He even inserts commercials in between:

Now I am sure some may get offended, some may just laugh out of the blue just like me... I just wish he does not stop humoring people with his antics because apparently I am not the only one laughing at the monitor in the office when everyone else is serious at work. LOL! I may not be the right person to say that he is doin a good job. But thanks Saui for making all of us laugh even if you are kinda still recovering from the pain and anguish of your own love life. Hehehe =)


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