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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I have been blogging for years now and I just came across something new to me in this hobby. A HATER! Yes ladies and germs I don't know where he came from or what part of the world he may have been but he seems to be coming from the Philippines too. I kinda tried to trace his location and he is subscribing to a local ISP. Anyway, I was just a little caught off guard because he mentioned that he hated my site. For one thing, I never really made this site for other people... I made this site for myself so I could share my point of view with the rest of the world. It was not intended for people who have IQ's below 100 and I never forced anyone to read my entries in the first place. I give them the freedom to react within the boundaries of what NORMAL is and if they chose to go over that, it's not my responsibility anymore.

I think I am gaining audience and the thing is, they are in different classes now. I would not want to alienate them at all but please give me the freedom to choose what to write for because this is my site after all. If you are haters, go ahead and read somewhere else... because that is going to be your part of the bargain. You are free to read here but don't try to glorify yourself by badmouthing other people because you think you are all that!

Rant off.

I blog free from inhibitions and I blog about anything under the sun!
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