Manny Pacquiao VS Joshua Clottey

Friday, March 12, 2010

Photo of Texas cheerers and the guys from Chris Farina of Top Rank promotions

It is this coming Sunday and Filipinos have been awaiting this fight of the pound for pound champion. March 13 is surely going to be a public holiday in the Philippines and crime rate will again be at an all time low. It is a phenomenon that this actually happens because apparently even the hooligans are watching the fight. It is good though at least law enforcers can take a break.

People are also eagerly awaiting the next one since after this, he is surely going to gun for a Mayweather fight but that guy has been eluding this fight and throwing lame excuses so it would not happen. He wants Pacquiao to undergo blood tests and drug tests a day before the fight which would probably get him out of condition. He has been tested lately just to prove a point and tested negative, I wonder how that crazed man get these ideas LOL!

He will eat his words soon I'm sure and unless he gets knocked out and kept quiet by Pacquiao he won't stop throwing words at him. Pretty lame for an undefeated fighter to go this low. I wish Manny Pacquiao the best and thanks for making the whole country proud of you!


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