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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

There are some folks over at the Red Tribe Forums that were asking me for advice about writing. I said heck I don't know! I just write how I feel and it just comes naturally. If I like something, I write about it. If I get inspired, I write about it. If I get irked about something, I write about it. That's the reason why this site already is discussing anything under the sun! Because personally I have not concentrated on one thing, I just do what I feel and if it comes to a point that it is going to be about writing, I set myself free and just type what I have in my brain at that time. Nothing unusual about that... but most of them don't know how to start. Maybe they just need to get inspired. This is really not a disciplined format of writing... I guess I follow one rule though... just common sense. The others are for losers so if I am going to teach them how to write then I will just have to tell them to write about what they want.

Writing about what you are passionate about is the key. Whatever the subject maybe make sure that your interest resides on it. Describe it for the reader. Make sure you point out what you like and dislike about it. What makes it special for you... and make sure your reader gets the point. I had a long time of writing stuff before that was not that much appealing because of jargons I used. I changed that and made it simple... voila! I had readers afterwards.

Making this blog a success would need that same niche I had before so will have to continue what I am doing and get as many readers as possible. We are afterall making life more interesting for other people by telling our own stories. Now isn't that fun! =)


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