I Love Weddings!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I have attended around 3 weddings in January and I must say I have enjoyed it. My closest friends are all getting tied up so I was looking forward to see them make their own families. I guess if you think about it, I am the only one left that is single... well I guess that will be the case in a couple of years. I witnessed how happy they were in this day and I am sure that they have enjoyed every bit of their single life already before they got into it. I am doing wedding shoots and those dresses do not come cheap. The reception costs hundreds of thousands of pesos and if you plan to save, you have to know where you are going to spend your money. This one time big event deserves the best of what the bride and groom wants. The party starts with the concept of the whole wedding. There are cheap wedding invitations available on line that they can buy instead of having one printed by specialty shops. Some of them are very expensive if you have one custom made but if you think about it the on line versions of it are at par. Quality is the key for the perfect invitations. Limiting guests to a certain number is okay because I would not want to see some other people going to your wedding if they do not even know the bride and groom. I wonder how it would have felt to see some of the gate crashers spoil the party for the couple. I think there were some who did that on one of the weddings I attended, but the relatives easily took care of that by conveniently asking them to leave. Small tensions are really not that avoidable but the mood was still good so it's okay.

I wish I could show some of my friends the wedding gowns that I shot for a local designer here in Manila. They would probably hire my services if they saw how good the shots would have turned out. Let me show you some of it here.

Now are you thinking of getting married soon?! I probably am too but in the meantime let me enjoy my single life!


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