Hayyy... I Am Gaining Weight =(

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I am kinda depressed today. It looks like I did gain a lot of weight over the week and it is showing. Or maybe it is just my hair growing too fast. I checked my weight yesterday and I think I gained 2 pounds because I did not work out that much in the last 2 weeks. Something has to be done to stop this vicious cycle of yoyo diets, binge eating and the habit of not working out after work. I need to discipline my self again. Although what disappoints me is that I ate a double cheeseburger again this evening. It is not really healthy to do that on a day where I am not working out again! Sheesh I feel so guilty. =(

Anyway, I still have those big guns that I have. My biceps are evidently getting bigger and I can do maintenance for that. Although I need to do more ab work than the usual and run a couple of kilometers. I mean it should be more than an hour to spend in the treadmill. I also had some knee pains a week ago, and I think it is already okay to run a bit faster later. Yeap I will be working out today, and I will concentrate on more cardio + weight training.

Wish me luck and hope I don't waste my hard earned money paying for the thousands of pesos worth of gym time... I probably am just gonna be drinking expensive brewed coffee there LOL!



Anonymous said...

Oh. Good luck, dude! :-D

erwinator said...

Tsk3. i feel you dude. being uncomfortable with your body really affects our esteem. With solid determination and the right motivation you'll get there. Goodluck!

neildalanon said...

Oh. Good luck, dude! :-D