Def Hip Hop Photoshoot: My Shots

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Today I finished post processing photos from my recent shoot. The DEF HIPHOP shoot with the NOCTURNALS. I am planning to have them posted next week but I will show you a teaser. We had foreign models obviously but we also have beautiful Filipinas in the cast. There are also some outfits that came from my highschool classmate's shop CASTER SPORTS. I love the theme this month because it coincided with the things they brought to the set. Since Caster Sports manufactured sports outfits, the jerseys, jackets were perfect. He dressed up HI C of Dice and K9 a popular rap group in the Philippines. Like them, it was good since even on a hot summer sun we managed to dress up for the occasion.
I did portraits and a couple on thirds when I framed them. The walls also were colored solidly and I did a lot of repainting because it needed to pop out the color. Honestly, I think it worked so in the event I sharpened the major parts of her face and accessories the background did not bother the whole effect. The shadows I left on her were perfect and it felt so good when the other photographers took a look at it. So far so good! =) She looks like Sarah Geronimo in person. The guy above looked really middle eastern. His body was good for the part!


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