Calling India Better

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

have my cousin Quincy in India. She got married last year to a man we haven't met before. I think she met him in the same corporation she works for that caters to international clients. I literally had no idea when she transferred residency from New Jersey to Mumbai. I know it was kind of abrupt and thinking about it, it was like a whirlwind romance; ones that you only get to read off romance novels. It just started with long distance calls and a couple of email exchanges. She told me it was nothing serious when we talked because I know it would be impossible with the distance. After a few months she just contacted me and told me the circumstances... she called using calling cards that made everything look like the guy was next door.

Reliance India call also provides this service and they are better. Other ordinary VOIP services have everything metered and literally costs too much. Much to my surprise, they don't have any hidden costs for hang up/disconnected calls. They do not even charge anything for maintenance or long usage. That to me is a number one requirement when doing business. I applaud my cousin for getting this far with her relationship and business because we know how important hearing a person's voice is. It makes you feel the other person on the line and empathize in real time. I know things would have been never possible if not for this technology. I love how it works and from the looks of it, I'll recommend this to my colleagues in the BPO industry so they can call India better.


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iamronel said...

nice to know po about reliance india call..hihih mayaman kana nyan kua ah..hihih :)