Thursday, March 04, 2010

I want to spend my money on something big. I was invited to go to Ireland by my brother and it looks like I am going to push for it soon. It might take me a month to stay there and I need a very big excuse in the office. I need to file for leave when I do that. I know this would be a great thing to do and tour the whole place. I'm surely going to love it since I am planning to shoot huge landscapes. I plan to also purchase a couple of lenses so I can take that perfect shot.

How can I resist green things everywhere and rock formations, cliffs and beach fronts that look like the grand canyon?! I want to also take a closer look at people. I haven't seen that much Europeans in a lifetime so if I could I would make textured photos of old people. I like old faces. I like old bodies and if I am permitted to shoot nude I would gladly go for it. There was also a place my brother took some shots of statues that represented FAMINE. I also want to go to nearby countries if my visa permits it. I think that would be really nice to see. My brother is there and currently enjoying his citizenship. Maybe some things are going to be fixed here and there but I would like to get this plan going. If I do not get to go to the US, I will have to pursue going to Ireland later this year. Now comes the arduous task of working my butt off so I can buy tickets for it.


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