Here's My Ride!

Friday, March 19, 2010

This is my van. The MITSUBISHI Space Gear DELICA Executive Edition. With power windows and locks it has been the easiest to drive in the streets of Manila. Best of all it is automatic. Whenever I have some travels in the outskirts of the city and climb steep hills the 4x4 function works perfectly and I don't have to put my foot on the gas pedal anymore. The gears are also the best since it can be adjusted to the terrain you are currently on. I love traveling with this because I have never felt so good and light even if I am handling a bigger vehicle. One drawback though is it doesn't have a van roof rack. I had to put in my bags and clothes inside even if I had guests so imagine how humiliating it felt sometimes when I have to do that.

I was trying to look for options locally but quality wise it was not a really a good thing to do. I am trying the best ones in the market and for sure I am gunning for the brands that are already proven to work. I like this one in particular because it will fit perfectly on my mountain bikes and luggage. When I go outdoors it would be the best thing to have but I don't want the others to load up their stuff on mine. It's just the right size and it fits the purpose. THULE is a good buy and it's so nice to know they are available in on line stores. I would really look for this and get one soon!


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