Diet Epic Fail

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yummy lunch was at Fazoli's this afternoon. Actually this is a change of pace for me since I am always in the graveyard shift. Daylight for me is really weird. I don't even want to get into the scorching hot sun but thinking about it, it looks like I will have to be under it after a few hours. I always take a cab going home and if my guess is right, around 3 PM would spell ME as a solar panel.... one that only absorbs heat! LOL!

I already finished the meetings we planned this morning and tomorrow we will have the additional person in our team. I hope he lives upto our expectations. Well not really... I guess in everything that we'll encounter we have to test the waters. I heard he's a good guitar player and he has done some pretty neat stuff with it. I saw his videos in flickr and he was doing some string tricks here and there. At least we got something fruitful out of this day. But I'll be going back to work later at 12 AM. I wonder if I can really wake up that early LOL!

Note for tomorrow: Eat less, eat healthy and watch your weight!


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