Weird American Idol

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Hmmm I think American Idol is getting weird. Some of the contestants who performed better looks like are being taken away because of the votes. It is quite disappointing to see what is happening. Maybe I am feeling this way because they took one of the best singers there. And maybe some of the worst ones are still left in the competition. Who am I going to root for now? I guess I'll have to wait for the replay of the girls so I can judge who is going to get my vote. I saw some parts of it and most probably it is that lady who hit the high note on the Aretha Franklin song, what is weird is that she is white. No one would think they would do that on a rainy day but it looks like she is one proof even white people can sing heheh.

Now it is weird, no matter how much we put it. I don't really know who to root for. There are no Fil Ams this season so it won't be a default one =)

Here's to a great singer soon! Cheers!


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