Know Your Rights!

Friday, March 12, 2010

I am really not new to forums. I have actually administered 4 forums in my lifetime and they go about subjects for school, sports, general information and technology. I have actually toned down in the recent years. I got as high as 6 communities which on some instances already battled with my time with work. I had to prioritize that but I never got them removed from my system because I like the feeling of belonging to a community. I specifically like the consumer forum since I get to communicate with the users directly. It is the ability to help people who purchase their everyday stuff that gets me to visit their forum. One example of this is the Consumer Court Forum (India). Even if I am a starting member in this community I know how it already works. Have you ever bought stuff from businesses that you later find out to be defective?! How about properties that promise SHANGRILA but you end up in the middle of nowhere?! Those are the things we should avoid when buying products or services and I would not be surprised if one day we become victims of unscrupulous individuals.

What is this forum all about?! Why protect the consumers?! It is all about users helping other users on their dilemma. Protecting the consumers from large corporations and entities is one way of helping each other. If you are alone and battle it out with companies that are funded with millions of dollars you would never win any court case. If you voice out your opinions on these free boards from the Consumer Court Forum and if there are people around the world who have the same problem with the product and service that you got, then you are going to be able to communicate together your concern. It is a fact that there is unspoken power in numbers. This is new media and there are thousands of people who view these pages every day. I know how the metrics run in communities like them and it is very powerful to get your point across. Enjoining other users to report problems so the companies could act on it is one way of also helping yourself. Make sure you join this forum and protect your rights and your family.


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