No Offense Meant!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I hate it when people take offense in a joke I crack more so when EVERYBODY knows it is a joke. There are people that would get offended I know but to go out and get your self alienated just because of that is outrageous! Sometimes I don't want to think they are low IQ'd but if you think about it their comprehension dictates that they are. I hope they won't manage to get out of school because most probably they won't get it when they are already working. I won't hire someone like that. Or know one for that matter. I already made an effort; and I am not the mood to go with forsaken creatures like that oh have mercy! LOL OK rants over.

What's with ex's today?!... I think each one of them just suddenly appeared! Weird I know! I think that's because my horoscope readings were weirder that morning. Is this whole day a BIG JOKE?! Hahah... I just hope its not when I get to the office. If that suddenly becomes weird that would be not good... I just hope it stays sane in that part of the world.


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