Photo Workflow

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I did a couple of layouts earlier and it seems that I have succeeded in a few but the others were just plain Jane. I specifically love the one with the COOL blue palette and this guy in shades. This shot above also was kinda neat because it feels like he almost popped up from the picture. I got the walls repainted painstakingly because I was not happy with the way it looked initially and since it had chips and uneven colors on it I got the clone option and dredged it until it looked natural. Aside from that, I also took the color balance and maxxed out reds and yellows and darkened some spots here and there to give it a more believable ambiance. The contrast on the shirt was done so the blackness would become deeper and I think we succeeded in doing that. A little directional light was rendered so it would have that slight black shadow on the sides aka vignette. Pretty neat actually.

I want the skins to be white and on some instances I get a little OC'd when it is not smooth. So I did a couple of things to cure the uneven colors on the skin. It may appear over exposed but it is actually not because the guy's skin tone was really pale white. He even has color on this one so give me a break LOL. Some of them like it and some of them don't but its okay I was just experimenting anyway. What matters most is that I achieve some sort of shangrila when I look at it. At least I am not just shooting plain photos like the rest of them right?! My mantra is to be like Xander Angeles and experience more layouts so I am trying it out now. =)


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