Boots Perhaps?!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I am a little fashion forward than some of my friends and believe me in this tropical climate I also try and wear something to look good every once in a while. I think that I always am the life of the party; and every time there is one I make sure that people still have their head turn on me. Well at least that what I think. Modesty aside I am not that bad looking... and I am tall too. I went to a local district where people my age usually go to get a better deal for shoes. Since I was in the mood two days ago, I tried to look for boots. I specifically wanted a white pair so it could match the coat and pants I got with the same color. Imagine everyone would probably wear their night time based and inspired outfits while I wear something white this coming weekend. I am sure to make people take a second look. However, it was a little disappointing to know that this bargain lot all had their boots priced around 5 thousand pesos. That is around $150 which would surely burn a hole in my pocket and I even planned to wear it just for that night. I went home disappointed but still had my mind to think of finding the perfect one on line. There was a site where I found a boot barn coupon and got it to take out from 10 - 60% off the original price. Talk about a good deal! I was in for more!It looks like more of these from places like price pickle can get you free delivery too. I want one now but since it looks like the better option I will probably get one from on line stores like these instead. Someone make me a cowboy for just one night! Good thing they have stores like that on line!


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