The Great Build!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I am a good son. I have my folks asking me for things and I really want to give them all. Part of that is contributing to a house that we have in the south of Manila. It is a 4 hour drive that we take almost every week. The land was previously owned by my cousin but they planned to make a quaint village out of it. I saw them dredge the land and put in roads too. Most of it was heavily forested areas and the houses were all ours to think about since they gave us freedom to choose its design. There was a catch though because it was doubly hard to have a house built in the middle of nowhere. There was no electricity and they all had manual labor as staple ways to build a house. That didn't come as cheap as we expected even if it was supposed to be in a provincial rate. I just wish we had a chance to use a diamond saw blade so it would be faster cutting stuff but as I said they didn't have any electricity yet. I tried to get permits and all that brouhaha of permits from the local government. I was able to secure one and it was all nice! I had to pull some strings and had to tap local electricity sources and a gas powered generator to stand by. After a couple of months and a few hundred thousand pesos after; it was nice to know they had finished my folk's vacation home. Now they have a place to stay when they need rest and recreation in that part of the world. These are all for my parents who have gladly put up with me since day 1. I love them both!


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