I Am Sending It!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Remember the time my brother dropped his luggage when he was on his way to the airport 2 months ago?! (Story here) I had to mail his bag all the way to Ireland so he could have something to wear to work. He had his shirts and formal pants on it so imagine the pain he had to go through buying signature stuff all over again for his wardrobe. He is not a simple guy so even if it did cost a fortune to send it, Mom made arrangements to have it flown to Dublin but I told her that is going to be abnormally expensive. The cost was not cheap and it was a burden to carry that around. I got some connections in the office and the same people who helped me previously with postcard mailing services. They are the same people who made this freight happen and promised delivery in less than a month. It is going to be shipped and not flown because it is cheaper. Thinking about it, I know he's not going to be happy. It is going to take a lot more time than usual; but a couple of thousand bucks of savings do not look bad either. I hope he understands the cost of flying that. 50 Kilos worth of clothes is expensive in this part of the world to ship to Europe. I'm going to include local post cards so he as something to remember us by. Maybe even get it to be the focal point on one of his rooms after he settles everything. After all the drama that went into retrieving that luggage, I think this will end in a happy chapter since everything is accounted for and shipped to his second home. I would raise my glass remotely for the kind people who helped us get it. He sends his regards to all of them too! Cheers!


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