Shocking News

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I just received a text message from my friend a few minutes ago. It was really shocking news. I finished my shift last Friday and I was dead tired. Stress kind of got the best of my and so I was a little off that day. I hurriedly ask one of my closest friends from college to accompany me to a local bar for a couple of rounds of beer. He brought along some of his friends too and I did not really mind at all even if I pay for them. I think I just got caught with the notion of knowing more friends outside of my circle and it was okay since I wanted a lot of people to talk to. It makes me want to know more friends because I have sometimes grown to get tired if I talk to the same old people from work. There was one guy whose name is AYA who was briefly introduced to me before we started to drink. He was one of those guys who rode on the backs of elephants and bragged about everything in this world even if he had nothing. I had nothing against that but all I needed last is someone to argue with when I am stressed. It is not conducive to the environment I want to have at that time. So I did not really talk to him that much until everyone else was drunk. I had a hunch he was not good but then he opened up a conversation that I got hooked to. It was about his family problems and I am a little off target when it comes to that. I am one of those guys who pretend to know it all. I give very sound, good advices but I do not usually follow them myself. I had a habit of doing that so I said my piece on his story. It was something very private and he was often going out of their home because of that. He went to different houses and stayed with strangers just to make ends meet because he did not want to see his abusive family either. The beer dried up and the people went home one by one. I already was there a couple of hours and saw the need for me to go home too but he asked me to stay so he could tell me more sob stories. I did not want to hear them anymore because it is making me more stressed too. Anyway we parted ways and I went home. I slept the whole day after wards. The text message I received this morning was shocking; because my friend just told me he died just a couple of hours ago. He told me that AYA stayed in one man's house in Manila. This is another stranger. He unfortunately got raped and killed. I was so appalled at what happened. They said that the man he stayed with had previous records of violence and jail time. I really pity AYA and of what happened to him. Nobody knew he was going through those things even his own family. I am planning to go with my friend on his funeral on Saturday. I wish there was a way the government would have made a state sex offender list so people would be safe from predators like that guy. This is really a serious and the last thing I want to know is someone close to me goes through the same agony that he did. Poor guy! I want to send my condolences to their family. I hope in some way they realize that they should never make their kids grow up in a very abusive environment. My thanks go to AYA and I hope he does rest in peace.


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