You Can Never Be Too Safe!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Things have been pretty rampant after the economic crisis that has stricken the country. Crime rate is at an all time high and I did not think I get to live in one community that has this problem too. I can imagine since the shopping district already had put up security they probably all the hooligans from that area transferring to the more residential part of the town such as ours. I never thought it would be a problem but I just heard someone got raped and killed here two weeks ago. I was shocked because we are a pretty quiet neighborhood and hearing stories like that made everyone's jaw drop. I think in this day and age, not everywhere is safe. But we all should take precautionary measures. Local officials should work hand in hand with people from the national government and fund registries of people who have committed these crimes. I know we all have to give second chances but not in the expense of ordinary citizens. When the suspect was actually caught yesterday evening, investigators said that he had been in and out of the prison. What's worse is it's also their relative. I just thank the heavens for sparing everyone else since this has been solved. I hope the government puts up listings like the one I saw for some texas sex offender when I was in the US. At least before you do live in a neighborhood you already know what to do when it does happen. You can never be too safe!


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