No More Garage Space

Monday, March 01, 2010

I admit that I wanted to buy another car so I can drive myself anywhere and anytime I want to. The problem is; I don't think we have enough garage space for another car. The reason:

Yes, I am quite ashamed that this had to go out. This is a combination of my former room's things and my Dad's stuff that was not thrown out through the years. It did actually accumulate and I wanted to join local TV shows so they can fix this up for me. It has been hard to keep up with the mess and we do not have an official storage room where this could go therefore; I would not be able to buy another car unless this gets fixed. I was thinking of throwing them all out but as you can see some of these are expensive. I better try MonsterRax storage so I can have the ones scattered on the floor organized. Properly storing them is a must and I need to clean them up before I pack them.

I'm planning to buy a new PRIUS which is a HYBRID car and it will be an ecologically fine alternative for a gasoline powered engine. I must have this one fixed as soon as possible so I can park there. Otherwise I would have my car out on the streets and the Car nap incidents will go up again a notch in my city. That would be a not so smart idea to do. Thanks to the storage solutions I'll have better sleep and have my stuff overhead when I need it!


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