It's Holy Week!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weird, I lost a post all of a sudden. I mean it was there yesterday and when I typed in something new for an entry it just disappeared. Sheesh! I think that is the most obnoxious thing I have ever done this week.

Well I think that was for my holy week entry. I think I can just re-discuss that =)

Aside from getting a break up just this last week (T_T) Haha but that's a different story! It's actually the start of the most NOT SO BUSY set of days in the Philippines. Holy week... it starts from people going out of town. Going to their hometowns. Them spending quiet prayerful times with their families. Visiting graves of their loved ones and saying a prayer or two for them. I think there are some things that they should stay away from. They need to know the true meaning of celebrating holy week. Some people need to understand why this is celebrated by us Roman Catholics in the Philippines.

1. Holy week is not VACATION week. It's not boracay or palawan week either... this is the time where we remember that Jesus died and some of us remember bikinis and merry making in the beach. Stop doing that okay?! How would you feel if people celebrated your funeral with a party as if they were glad you died?!

2. Don't act. Don't act as if you were all that holy. Don't go to churches and pray while shedding a tear for a few minutes. The acting won't work. Don't see celebrities?! They probably in Boracay too and you were designated as the budget conscious ones. No you are not cheap!

3. For the real people who go to church and spend time with their families, remember why we are spending a few days of grieving. Remember why we are doing these for a few days. Remember he died for our sins. Remember for each bludgeoned person who died on the cross, it was meant to wash away your own sins. Be grateful someone did it for you and be happy that it wasn't you on that cross okay?!

Thank God for all the nice things that are happening in your life. You owe it to him! Reflect on that!


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