Easy and Breezy Summer Eye Wear

Monday, March 15, 2010

It's summer time once again and the vacation spots are being filled up quickly with patrons from Manila and elsewhere in the world. I am not surprised because we have fabulous white sand beaches and the Filipino hospitality that we are known for. I am worried though because of the harsh sun that can damage eyesight and promote aging. I would not want to have that on any day and so does millions of consumers in the US and the Philippines. This is where ZENNI comes in!

Most people would probably recall ZENNI here in the Philippines as the manufacturer of great eye wear featured in CNN. For those who frequently shop on line it is the sole place you could get affordable eyeglasses at a fraction of the cost. I know there are skeptics among you that probably would ask; how do they do it?! It is simple. They get your prescription/fashionable eyeglasses out to the market without middlemen. This would definitely get you hundreds of dollars worth of savings. I know of some designer brands that cost around 200 to 300 dollars a pair and that only covers the frame. ZENNI offers some of their spectacles for only 8 dollars... would you believe that?!

I know... it is quite remarkable that in this day and age there are some decent and honest business owners like ZENNI that put customers first before thinking of profits. There are already a lot of people talking about them too so make sure you read all about it here for ERICK HAMMER'S review. The benefits are endless; so if you need prescription glasses that are affordable and trendy at the same time... you know who to go to because it is just ZENNI!


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