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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Silly, rolling over the bed and so lazy to go out on a weekend. We covered like 4 events the day before that so I didn't really get some needed sleep. Hungry and needed some comfort food, I was dying to have my fix of Korean food. The problem is, my preferred restaurant is in posh Rockwell. I on the other hand am in Quezon City. If you take that into account, it'll take me an hour to get there and then another hour back. Two hours? I wouldn't be caught out in the sun that long let alone spend gas and more minutes to traffic. We did the next best thing... order food through City Delivery 87878.

I checked out their menu over at http://citydelivery.ph and dialed 87878. I got hold of someone after a few minutes. Talked to her and asked if they could deliver. I got a resounding YES! THEY ALWAYS DELIVER!

I told the kind lady what I wanted off the menu and asked change for the money I had on hand. After an hour, I had someone pressing the doorbell of my home. I didn't hear it because of the construction but he patiently waited.

And he still managed to put on a smile =)

I got my food still warm. Packed in separate microwaveable containers, I was giddy seeing what I'll have for dinner. I ordered my favorites and got my folks a few things too!

Kaya Korean Restaurant

Choosing Kaya Korean Restaurant was a no brainer. Reviews from other blogs and word of mouth had me trooping to their store in Rockwell a couple of times already. They serve them as authentic as can be. Their menu is so extensive I haven't repeated any dish yet. Though I do have my favorites!

Here they are!

Kaya Salad - portions of greens, seaweed, slices of apples, tomatoes, cucumbers smothered with roasted sesame seed based dressing and paired with slices of smoky meat marinated in special spices. I'm telling you it's amazing! My folks raved about it too because unlike the usual caesar, this one packs Asian flavors so perfectly paired with the cold leaves; ooh I had to have some more! Unfortunately I only had some because my Dad ate most of it. I'm not surprised though! =)

The top one was the sauce for the Kaya Salad and the two other ones in the bottom was for something good! You gotta see this!

Bibimbap - Produce from the harvest during spring is this celebration of the Korean season. Mostly prepared with spices, meat and roasted chili sauce. It brings a whole other dimension to what their dishes are all about. I love Bibimbap and it fills me up like clockwork! I'm even thinking of it right now LOL!

Alamang Bibimbap - Almost the same great ingredients but this time with shrimp, slices of squid tossed and heated a few minutes in chili sauce, this awesome Alamang Bibimbap just makes the usual extra special by combing it with the best seafood ingredients locally available. Ahh it's just lovely, warm comfort food that you can have all in the walls of your home. Thank god for city delivery!

Dooboo Chigae - Warm, steamy and spicy soup laden with bean curd and fresh vegetables  this is something epic for those who want it HOT! I got what I wanted and more because this didn't just stay on the bowl. I even had it paired with hot rice which I cooked at home. Amazing I tell you! 

Drinks - Unlike the others, they actually have a selection of drinks available. They got some uncommon ones like this Arizona Diet Green Tea with Ginseng. I immediately had it with my Bibimbap and it does make sense to pair it up! They also have something common such as colas so if you are picky, they probably have something you'll like on their menu!

I love the things they offer and with City Delivery I can easily order from 10AM to 10PM or maybe just visit Kaya Korean Restaurant directly Sun-Thu 11:00AM-8:30PM | Fri-Sat 11:00AM-8:30AM. Whichever works! I hope you guys get to order with them too. It should be easy like dialing 87878! Capisce?!

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