Photos: Bigfish: Cream Halloween Ball 2012!

Monday, November 05, 2012

Halloween was a blast! Sure enough, we won't be left behind because I had so much fun too during the CREAM Halloween Ball 2012 at the World Trade Center! The place was packed! And we were there to take a couple of shots of some interesting individuals in their costumes! The theme was "under the sea" but a lot of them just showed up in whatever they had in mind. Quite an awesome crowd!

There was this cute huge Octopus on top of the DJ's booth! Too bad we didn't get to take part in the press con earlier that evening! Trance and House music... I love it!

The lights they used was world class! That's why I love events by BIGFISH! They know how to party!

I saw him outside before he came up on stage. This is DJ John Paul Lee! He was so awesome spinning some Pop ones into Trance electronica tracks. The crowd went wild!

With Princess Sarah and Wonderwoman hehe

Dressed in full battle gear these guys were like black ops! =)

Superheroes like Iron Man, Captain America can be seen here with one of the usher mermaids that evening!
Pretty noh?

All kinds of Princesses in all shapes and sizes were there too. They must have been looking for a Prince like me =)

I was waiting outside for a smoke then she just came in. I like her. Can someone tell me who she is? =) But I think she came in with her boyfriend haha!

One of the most impressive costumes I've seen that evening is Mystique. By the way, he's a guy. So just imagine how much work he's done to achieve this look. I heard him ask people not to touch him inside the venue because it would get the things he put on himself removed. He had a couple of thumbmarks on his back hehe. And of course in places where he's perspiring!

Lara Croft and Race Car pit crew member anyone? Hehe they're pretty no? =)

This was awesome, he was with a group of Mummies but he was the only one who I was able to ask for a photo. He had bandages all over and they had special pads on their feet so they can walk =)

Pretty too. She was following the theme. Here's Ursula! =)

Then when we were about to leave some boys were outside too

Which made me remember to download some of DJ Deadmau5's tracks =) 

 Oh and before I forget, Pamela Anderson Lee was also there!

Surely the winner! =) Thanks Jason!

See what you missed? It pays to go to CREAM HALLOWEEN BALL 2012! I just can't wait for more of BIGFISH MANILA'S Gigs this coming year!

Awesome, just awesome!

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ZaiZai said...

Were you in costume too? :)

Ganda ng mga chickababes! Pero mas crush ko ang cute guys sa labas :)

John Bueno said...

Yeah pero walang effort lang na costume nagtakip lang ako ng mukha hahaha