CONVERSE 2012 Fall Collection!

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Hi guys! How are you?! ^_^

I've been to an event a few days ago and it was for something special. Something that sparked my interest because as soon as I heard the brand's name, a thousand bells rang the alarm because I so love CONVERSE. Yes, you heard that right because they are launching a whole new line of shoes (as part of their 2012 Fall collection) which just doesn't follow the way we look at the original ones we're kinda used to. It's waaaaaaaaay even better!

I'm admittedly a shoe addict. I'm like a kid in a candy store when I saw what they had in store for patrons of Converse. I have about 30 pairs of chucks by the way so just think about how much more I have to get now that they came out with even greater designs plus different materials that make this extra special!

Models has this on: The gray one had Suede, the tan one had awesome leather on it. That just struck me and my good mind, why is it on leather and not cloth like my other chucks?! O_O Because all these are special, the styles are new and the material itself are but an adventure. They knew they had to innovate and see something new. That's exactly what they did on this new line. :) (The Tan colored shoe is Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Boot Hi, The Charcoal one is the Chuck Taylor All Star Berkshire Boot Mid)

Different styles, different attitudes, you can truly exude confidence if you have a pair or more of these new Converse shoes!

The others were displayed quite appropriately on the sides.

These are the Chuck Taylor All Star Leather Line 

This is a mix of the same line and some boots (Chocolate Oxford Cut on the table) and the Pink one is called Chuck Taylor All Star Easy Slip Pink Plaid
These were the good ones with stitches. They have other ones in the Varsity and Athletic lines.
These are the Converse Pro Leather Black/ and the Converse Pro Athletic Navy in Suede

You might think these ones are actually made of cloth but no, they are all made of other materials like faux leather, real leather and suede too on some instances. They also have high cuts, semi's and low cuts. It's really impressive to see that they are going premium this time for the fashion forward Filipinos.

See the details of this one up close. You can't really doubt each piece was painstakingly made with the right amount of craftsmanship and looks totally different from the usual great ones we see in their stores! The stitches which we see in the All American Chucks are also on this one, how cool is that?! =)

We were treated to great music also at Hard Rock Cafe in Makati!

This is Gracenote!

She evidently was talented and I love the things she did with this violin whilst her young band mates played some of their current hits!

Then 6Cyclemind rocked our world!

They were all clad by the way with of course CONVERSE SHOES! They thanked the brand for supporting them so much all these years!

Thank you so much for treating us this evening Converse and thank you too for letting us see never before released designs of the iconic brand! Now you can't tell that these are the oldest sneakers in history because the Chuck Taylors and Jack Purcell looked totally different from the classics. This will add a renewed, sophisticated look on the well loved shoes we absolutely adore! We can even change shoe laces for more variety! I've been doing that for years though! =) I'm sure the market will be ready for you, embracing each new model just like we used to! =)

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