Lee Min Ho for Bench: Photos from The Press Conference

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I'm not a fortune teller but I know people would go gaga over this guy right here. Who is he? Well it's no other than Lee Min Ho. He's an Asian Superstar. He's also the newest GlobalBenchSetter. Yes you heard that right, he is the newest endorser of global brand Bench; and we were able to see him when he arrived in the Philippines. Without further ado, here are the shots from the afternoon press conference held at Makati.

We were really near the stage. This is my first time seeing him in the flesh but you know who were giggling at the sides? Some of the press people were fans of Lee Min Ho too.

Oh Sang-mi also known as Sam Oh (of popular cable channel ETC) hosted the event. Yes she is Korean and can speak Filipino and English fluently too. She was just the perfect person to host this event without the need of an interpreter.Genius!

Then he was called in! *insert screams here*

Then he introduced himself. They could not contain themselves on this bit because some of the girls kept screaming and we couldn't start the interview.

Of course he was asked about his personal style, and he says he likes dark clothing. He only wants what would fit him nicely and Bench definitely was a brand he'd wear anytime of the day.

He had fun answering questions about his time spent in grooming himself too. He's not ashamed to admit he spends about an hour just fixing his hair, making sure its perfect because its what the girls usually check out. No wonder he's getting them! LOL! But really no joke, because when you go to Korea, the men's room are usually full because most of the guys spend so much time doing the same. It's already a culture for them. 

Okay, so I don't want to disturb you looking at your eyecandy. He's the reason you're here anyway hehe!
He finds Filipinos so warm. He's never felt so welcome and he feels so at ease here because of the proximity of Korea to our country. He says it's like I'm just having a vacation here.

Pretty soon he wants to take a moment and stop the action or drama roles he's been doing. He wants to play the role of a University student and wear the same clothes Bench has. It's relaxed and he wouldn't want to wear something that doesn't fit him; so Bench is really perfect for that he says.He says he's going to work hard so he can come back to the Philippines and explore the beaches. He also wants to go back for his fans which he's so surprised about because he didn't know he's this popular here. He knows how much love is being poured out online because he reads the tweets of Filipino fans. He wants to taste adobo (which he already did recently) and maybe when he comes back soon he'd be able to visit the nice places in the Philippines.

If he comes back next time will you be this excited again? Of course! Minoz would surely be happy if he does right?

Then after the interview he stood up and got some shots with the executives of Bench. Mr. Ben Chan wasn't at this press conference because of Zoren Legazpi's and Carmina Villaroel's surprise wedding just for your information.
Then he had to say goodbye to everyone. I am so thankful to Bench or bringing him to the Philippines. Seeing him wearing the shirts, jeans and using Bench Fix products is just surreal. Bench and their GlobalBenchSetters will surely burn the eyes of millions of people all around the world! Just you wait and see what they have on their sleeve. Wouldn't you want Lee Min Ho to come back soon? =)

Hope you love the photos! =) Please ask your friends to see them here. No grabbing please thanks!

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Cherry C. said...

Super nice pics :D, thanks for sharing them. Hope he can come back soon.

KUMAGCOW said...

Thanks Cherry! I'm sure he will... :)

arlene said...

nice big pics. thanks Bench for making lee min ho fans super happy by bringing him to PH....

KUMAGCOW said...

Thank you too for sticking with Bench :) hope you guys share this with your friends too

Eve J said...

Thanks for sharing this site..we miss much of him! Thank u Bench!

KUMAGCOW said...

My pleasure! I'm sure he'll be back

el toro bumingo said...

Bakit ang popogi ng mga Koreans? :)

whatsnewph.com said...

i saw him again @ MOA http://www.whatsnewph.com/2012/11/lee-min-ho-bench-mall-tour.html

Gretchin Negad said...

,,,,sooooo handsome !!!

KUMAGCOW said...

Hope you love the photos :)

gigette lee :) said...

soooooo likeeee :)