SKY Broadband: Faster Internet at 200Mbps!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

When I saw this sign right up front in Rockwell I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It seems impossible in this day and age to expect this in the Philippines but it looks like residential lines will be having the needed boost it deserves from SKYbroadband. I can't believe it! But it is true!

Ms. Lexi Schulze hosted the press launch and there were some big wigs on the tables next to ours like Cito Beltran. He was the most animated guy who posted a question regarding SKYbroadband services, it was tough but they took it lightly. Heck he even won an IPAD3. But kidding aside I was looking forward to test the speeds and got my phone to check of they are really that fast. When I downloaded a couple of mp3 songs and shut off my 3G phone connection, the download rates were quite impressive even on wifi. It was like seeing lines fill up in seconds which I've never seen my home connection do since I've had it.

They gladly compared the connection rates of 4G, Fiber Optic and other existing cable connections and with the promise of speeds up to 200Mbps it looks like this by far is the fastest! I asked bluntly about the speeds they are going to get because I've been configuring devices for these connections for years and you will only be good as your lesser performing hardware. They assured that together with the line they provide they've got the corresponding equipment to go with it so that the performance they promise on these lines would be at par with what they provide for residents of several places in Metro Manila. (call them please!) This package costs P34,999 and comes with a box called iRECORD so you can do what TIVO does. For movie fanatics you'll also have three additional HD outputs so your other TV's would probably be more useful. This will also come with 22 Full HD channels plus 100 other digital cable channels courtesy of SKYcable.

Mr Ross Legaspi tells us your existing connections from 4G and fiber optic connections can't really compete with SKYbroadband's 200mbps. Although Skycable does not have free trials they've got a money back guarantee for this and said "No questions asked" if proven they have not delivered as promised.They are the first to provide this Ultra High Speed Broadband connection so if you're up to it simply call their contact numbers below.

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ZaiZai said...

200mbps ftw! 5 minutes lang tapos na download ng movie! Mas mabilis pa kesa magluto ng spaghetti!

el toro bumingo said...

What's the catch? 200mbps 'pag ikaw lang ang online sa lugar n'yo? Tapos idi-divide yan sa # of users na online sa lugar n'yo :)