One Great NUVALI Dirt Weekend 2012!

Friday, November 16, 2012

What is it with Dirt and Men? I often ask that my self but find the thought quite amusing. I'm one of those guys who like it rough and tough. I've been riding bike's since I was 4 and it's one of the most liberating experiences to be in. The wind in your hair while you put the pedal to the metal, riding up bumps and humps on the road or just plainly doing it for sport you kinda know why you love doing it. NUVALI just up the ante last weekend and got another one happening. I've attended the one last year and this time it's NUVALI DIRT WEEKEND 2012!

Different cycling events, a whole dirt bike course and several competitions. If that doesn't make your day complete then I don't know what will. It's so nice to hear we've got a place like this down south. I personally am loving every bit of it!

The sky was definitely clearer. It probably knew what was going to transpire the whole day. Bike enthusiasts from almost everywhere in the metro and nearby towns came over and butt heads like mountain goats because after all, this is also a competition. It's a challenge against yourself and a challenge against other compatriots who also love the sport.

What's quite nice to see is that there are families who actually join too. If they are not joining the competition, they are also there to support their kids or family member. Case in point is this kid who I saw rummaging through the mud with his bike. I just felt a little nostalgic after seeing this. I wanted to grab someone else's bike there and ride again. NUVALI just does wonders!

I even bumped into a few photographers I know. This one's Carlo Fresnido, a buddy from D60 Krew. I used to go out with him and shoot street with the other Krew members. We don't do that much street anymore and have our own niches while he on the other hand has been doing this for a while now. Although I miss shooting with these guys I'm not surprised he kinda rested a bit with photography and concentrated on bikes now. I share the passion. Plus I heard he's doing good too, I wonder if he placed on his heat that afternoon. I'll ask him later. Good job on this new thing you're doing Carlo! You better be good! ;)

We got a little inspired even under the sweltering heat of the sun and took some shots off the course. As you can see, it ain't a joke. It's so nice NUVALI wants to keep the populace healthy by doing these competitions. Thank god AYALA thought of building a evoliving community like this, I'm just so impressed. Then I saw some of the kids join the competition. Called one by one, they went through the course like pros. This you gotta see!

Seeing them go through the course just made me realize I need to get out and get back to cycling sometime soon. It's been a while since I did that and I'm a little afraid if I can handle my weight on this contraption LOL! But for what its worth I'll see what I can do. After all, we all need to START somewhere right?

I wish I could stay in NUVALI forever. But we all got to go back to our offices and work again. I'm so glad to have seen this again. I am inspired to build a bike now, I might just take their events seriously next time and not just talk on the sidelines. I learned a lot on this second visit, it taught me a lot about building dreams and finding your passion... much like these people who have been supporting their loved ones and cheering them on with what they do. This would be a lifestyle I'd want to have pretty soon.

Plus they've got tons of restaurants and shops on other areas of NUVALI, you should definitely come and visit if you want to have a different view with your family and loved ones.

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