Windows8 Touch Enabled DELL XPS12

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dell has been a recognized brand for hardware, specifically for laptop and desktop computers worldwide. This particular event I went to was the launch of something special, though not out of the ordinary they've revved up some of their former designs and got them on this new Dell XPS12.

Chris Papa the Country Manager for DELL says its another milestone to launch xp12 among their other great models soon. He says this too will come with services unprecedented in the Philippine territory because they will cover nationwide. They will also extend it to nearby Asian-Oceania countries so if you are frequent traverlers, you can take advantage of this awesome ultrabook which transforms from a laptop and into a tablet via a flick on its screen. The latest ultrabook is made slim, very powerful, and functions as a fully featured tablet. This is by the way their first touch enabled device on Windows8 platform. Though I'm not a fan of the OS they are gearing to take advantage of its full touch capabilities which other manufacturers haven't that much been really doing on their devices (well some do but that's another story). 

 Aside from that, the DELL XPS12 is one tough cookie. It doesn't look and feel tough but when I held it, structurally the swivel display does not look flimsy at all. As you flip the display over, you can close the lid and you can use the XPS12 as a tablet. Tried to change orientations but the Windows8 response wasn't that great. I don't quite know the gyro capabilities but it wasn't following that fast.

Alvin Go, Dell Philippines Product Manager showed how remarkable the device is. Made mostly of carbon fiber (one of the lightest in the market), its hinge is also machined aluminum so it's quite sturdy even if flipping transpires on the display. It's got a 100% SSD hard drive so data response is very fast. The 12.5 Full HD WLED and Corning gorilla glass just makes the display quite vivid for the video or photo connoisseur.

Then another big thing was announced! Support services for these models are now available for free nationwide and a couple more countries outside the Philippines. It means that no matter where you are, if you need help with your DELL equipment they can easily help you within 48 hours (that's if phone support won't be able to help you right off the bat!). This is world class On Site Service and is free for 1 year with notebooks and 3 years for high end PC's. 

Ricky Banaag, Country Manager of Intel boasts of better, longer battery life and faster processors for more models of Dell products. Intel also worked with brands that have ultrabooks on their line and receives positive feedback from consumers. The area of convertibles is gonna grow; and technology among all things will have to become well adaptive to what the consumer wants. It's quite nice to see these brands launching in places like Manila now. Be sure when you check out the stores, find out if DELL XPS12 would be the perfect powerful companion that would satisfy your gadget hunger. You don't have to stop what you're doing; this will surely change the conversation wherever, whenever.


Congratulations on this launch Dell! I am impressed!

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