Swensen's: The Ultimate Ricecream Sundae Experience!

Monday, November 12, 2012

It's been a while since I visited the Eastwood Branch of popular ice cream brand Swensen's. I feel sorry for myself not being able to do so because I literally am a stones throw away from this branch. It's a good thing they invited us over for dessert as they launched their new products in this side of the world! I had goosebumps when I saw what they had on the menu.

Their executives were all smiles as they welcome us to their second branch in the Philippines. It's so spacious and best of all, service is quite impeccable. They took good care of us and showed us the menu. Surprised about the things they concocted which probably has this Southeast Asian flare. Being a brand from San Francisco, they are continually innovating and creating more regional flavors to the delight of their customers. Mango and Rice? This certainly calls for something good!

They immediately made us several servings of the Ultimate Mango Ricecream Sensations! Imagine Mango Ice Cream with Pandan flavored Sticky Rice topped with Mango Cubes and whipped cream. Just describing that made my mouth water. Just check this out!

Oh did I forget to mention the oozing Caramel and slivers of Almonds on it too? LOL just kidding, sorry for making you guys crave too much on this article LOL!

This was Catch Gaviola's (of CatchGaviola.com) plate and my eyes just lit up when I saw what I was going to have. He says the rice was soft and reminiscent of those desserts in Thailand and our very own Mangga't Suman. Though this one had something so good on it, it had Swensen's signature Ice Cream. It was so creamy but not too sweet. They even added whole cream on top. It was perfect for that hot afternoon. They call this Sticky Rice with Mango, I had some for myself of course!

Two heaping scoops of awesome Mango Ice cream and a couple of spoonfuls of Mango and Pandan Sticky Rice, topped with whipped cream, almonds, caramel syrup and a dab of green nata de coco. It's like heaven on a bowl and boy I was easily closing my eyes and trying so hard to remember my name after the first scoop. In the serving sizes I find this so perfect for one person but for ladies, you can probably have this shared with your man. I'm sure they wouldn't mind. This is the Mango Breeze Boat!

If you are in a group or maybe have more appetite that the usual, then your better get this Mango Hurricane! Tons of Ice cream good for around 3-5 people, hot Waffles, Pandan sticky rice, mango cubes, served with coconut mil and mochi balls. It was a humongous serving of Mango good enough for the picky ones because for the price, this is all worth it! On a hot day in Manila I'm sure you can easily finish this!

This is one big goblet. Imagine melted marshmallows, more Mangoes, Pandan Sticky Rice, Waffle cones and oozing rich caramel syrup and mango syrup. When this comes chugging on your table you'll hear some oohhs and ahhsss because you'll surely get your fix of everything good in a Mango and Pandan Sticky Rice combination. Perfect for those who are alone and got a big appetite! This is the one they call Mango Sensation!

If you are just dropping by, don't worry. Swensen's has got you covered. With all the nice things you saw earlier, you can have that same experience in a crunchy Waffle Cone via Mango On The Go. That's how important you are. You just have to make sure that the next time you drop by Mall of Asia or Eastwood City, don't miss the chance to go to Swensen's because you know you want to have the Ultimate Ricecream Experience!

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The idea of rice and ice cream seems odd but I'm sure it tastes good. Sabi mo kasi e :)

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Sarap nyan! :)