BIGGER Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Toblerone!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Just met a few sweet people from Toblerone last weekend and boy was I in for a treat. You see, this is one of my favorite brands of chocolate (especially the dark one!) and that evening was somehow perfect for things sweet, I just had to take a bite of it!

They had this huge Red curtain covering a large part of the event venue and I bet they've got a BIG surprise on their sleeves. I can't wait to see and find out! 

Whenever I see sets like this with Toblerone front and center, I just feel the spirit of Christmas. I've been consuming these sweet treats like popcorn the past few days. I'm a sweet tooth, and I've got so many lovely stories to tell. Actually, I was just invited that afternoon so I didn't know what to expect. I was so surprised to see some famous people going up on stage.

Lovely ladies.. =)

Ms. Therese "Gang" Badoy Capati, radio, television host, feature writer, businesswoman and educator and Ms. Twee Gonzales, columnist and entrepreneur. I've seen them on the sidelines and thought, it looks like this event is something really special!

Hunky entrepreneur, columnist, editor, book author and TV/events host RJ Ledesma started the program.

Obviously he has so much gusto in what's about to happen. He introduced Ms. Gang Badoy, Ms. Twee and gorgeous Saab Magalona.

They chuckled every time the term "my generation" was mentioned but they took it easy. Then it was time that they told their most unforgettable stories. Just like me they have their most unforgettable TOBLERONE moment, they all wanted to share.

A few years ago.. well okay decades ago... Ms. Twee laments it was all about chocolates and roses. You couldn't ouch a hand of a lady unless you did some errands and stuff for her family. The pretty ones like her always had some from men who would like to woo her into relationships. Funny thing was, some of the not so good looking ones always had the best gifts and presents. She didn't really like them of course! She was picky even then. But the thought of having these as gifts was indeed sweet and she wanted to share that thought that even in the past Chocolates meant giving an effort, to show how much someone cared for another. It was indeed sweet and romantic, she felt our generation could learn a thing or two from the past. Okay, I admit I did that too! =) Chocolates and flowers are a staple for single guys like me; I still send some to people I want to date. I'm that corny I guess haha (or maybe not!)!

Ms. Gang Badoy also agreed. I guess effort counts a lot with women. I was taking notes LOL. Anyway, hers was a little twisted. Her Toblerone moment wasn't actually a romantic one. She of course is pretty, and you can't deny that. She had a friend ages ago and this girl was so deadly in love with a guy. Turns out, the guy actually didn't really like this girl. And you know who that guy wanted? Of course Ms. Gang Badoy! =) But when Ms. Gang got sick and went to the hospital, this girl visited her. She then went beside her bed and said her piece. She said Ms. Gang Badoy won that guy over and she honestly said that she felt bad about it that it had to happen between friends. As a last gesture, that girl left a Toblerone bar beside her bed when she was in the hospital. She approached her and did that whilst Ms. Gang Badoy found that particular event a very classy way to express someone's defeat. True, and she still knows this girl til now. Wants her to even talk about it too so they can make up. How sweet!

Saab Magalona kinda represented our generation (including me of course! haha) but her story was different too. Not of the romantic type. She was looking for ways to get her out of the habit biting her siblings, throwing tantrums, running around the house and a lot more naughty things kids her age shouldn't be doing; and said she found the solution right in her own home... it was Mom Pia Magalona. Whenever she had something in her mind that bothered her, when she gets depressed about the things that happen in her life or just plain someone to have by her side she calls on one person who understood her right from the start. She knew she wasn't perfect but there was only one person who made things a ton better right away. The mystery of how she did it was quite simple, and we were treated to see that in the flesh!

RJ Ledesma and the rest of them just immediately ganged up to Ms Pia Magalona and ask her to come up on stage. She hesitated at first but since Saab was too sweet with that story, Ms Pia just couldn't help but do it. 

Ms. Pia gave Saab and her kids tons of LOVE... and tons of HUGS! It made everything better indeed. I know how it feels because my own Mom does that too til now! Isn't that as sweet as Toblerone?! =)

The past, the not so distant past and the future seems so bright and optimistic and they know it'll be sweeter. Having the people you love plus the love and support of your family in everything you do is priceless. Pinoy "lambing" might now have been executed in many forms but it would always be so much LOVE that Pinoys have for one another that hits the spot!

Then something BIGGER happened!

Ms. Lagman and RJ Ledesma

For this holiday season, Toblerone is releasing 100 pcs of the biggest chocolate bars that they have in the world dubbed "Toblerone Oversized Gift Bar" is now in the Philippines (and is going to be sold on limited numbers) which will probably last a few days! Just look at this huge 4.5 Kgs of awesome chocolate goodness set on the table when they opened up the red curtains at the back! Thanks for this awesome news Toblerone Philippines Brand Manager Ms. Fren Lagman!

They even gave 5 pcs that evening to selected media members through a raffle!

What a way to celebrate Christmas this early but by giving your loved ones the Toblerone Oversized Gift Bar!

For more information where to get Toblerone Gift Bars

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