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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stadiums filled with people, albums selling like hotcakes, men oozing sexiness just like me. Nostalgia, that's one word to describe it but I almost cried seeing this. I was invited with a few people to a private viewing of COLDPLAY's concert DVD. It's slated to be released this Friday, that's November 30, 2012. Roughly around 100 minutes++ of unadulterated, pure music, lights and exhilarating concert experience made special because the band members had a say on it. They designed the whole thing with the people in mind so in turn they become a part of it. How?! Well let's just say that's exactly one of the things you should watch for when you purchase this after Friday. There are also several countries where they performed in but most of it is shot in Paris where you'll see a humongous stadium all filled with fans screaming their lungs out just for COLDPLAY.

This one isn't actually for local release. This is the international version. Those scribbles actually was seen also in the concert stage. I won't tell you how, you must get it first before it makes sense hehe.

All their best hits plus new ones are included in this DVD release. Mylo Xyloto (which is consequently also the fifth studio album by this British alternative rock band), Hurts Like Heaven, In My Place, Major Minus, Yellow, Violet Hall, God Put A Smile Upon Your Face, Princess of China, Up In Flames, Viva La Vida, my personal favorite Charlie Brown, Paradise, Us Against The World, Clocks, Fix You and Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall.Oh and before I forget, Mylo Xyloto charted at number one in 34 countries on its first week so just imagine how much airplay their song gets in one day! The first week alone walloped 208,000 units of this!

Coldplay Live 2012 is their first concert film/live album. They're around the world touring and showing this concert to almost 3 Million people across countries.Chris Martin has never been so proud of this because the Mylo Xyloto tour made them realize that its the most fun they've ever had in a long time. From laser lights, to pyrotechnics and wristbands, it has been an honor for them to have had the chance to have their throng of fans perform with them in the concert. We were at awe at what we saw in Paris so don't even think about not watching it!

Go grab your copies on Friday! It will be available in Coldplay Live 2012 CD+DVD (Philippine Version) for only 485 Philippine Pesos and Coldplay Live 2012 CD+DVD (Imported Limited Edition) with free Mylo Xyloto baller for 1,500 Philippine Pesos.Thanks to the people from Astroplus/Astrovision, Odyssey Music and Video, and Polyeast Records. You guys rock! =)

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