Urban Athletics - SUPRA ASIAN TOUR 2012 MANILA

Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's one of the places I've enjoyed going to because of its culture. I'm not going to pretend I have the same lifestyle as these guys do but I do appreciate the shoes and the unique personalities that endorse them. They were definitely killing it at the Urban Athletics store in Greenbelt 3. We were fortunate enough to cover the Manila leg of the Supra Asian Tour of these skating and extreme sport professionals. We also had a grand time seeing the faces of these hardcore skaters light up because they got to connect with their Filipino fans. The Pinoys obviously love them that much to, to the point of even having the emblems or monickers of their skate heroes tattooed on their abs, arms and necks. This is the SUPRA ASIAN TOUR 2012 in Manila!

Providing mood music was gorgeous DJ Summer! She was dressed for the occasion too! :)

Skaters from all around Metro Manila and nearby provinces flocked to the Urban Athletics store. They were all eagerly awaiting their personal idols/skating gods. They all had their skate boards with them mind you. Yes there was free flowing beer available but not everyone was served, there were minors in the crowd. Good job getting that taken cared of!

A few minutes later, I couldn't move around anymore because dang these guys filled up the room! I haven't seen the Urban Athletics store this much since the last event held here. They were a rowdy bunch!

Just look at the cities that are included in this tour and you'll know why we're proud hosts of this gig. Manila just looks extra pretty alongside these ones! Leveling! LOL

There were more things to celebrate for other than the Skate heroes, it's these set of shoes. I haven't seen Supra or Ellington this up close. Then I said to myself, "Dang I want one too!" *insert puppy dog eyes here*. For what its worth all of the Skate superstars who went there had this brand worn. It tells you they have good taste.

Steve Williams, Erik Ellington, Neen Williams, Keelan Dadd, Boo Johnson, Kevin Romar and Spencer Hamilton suddenly stormed the venue and the crowd just went wild!

 You mix Men + Ladies + Beer + Rowdy crowd =  that just means a lethal party in Manila! Just look at their faces and you'll know they are enjoying the scene in Manila. It was epic!

It don't matter if the place was crazy! It was just the right time for these skating superstars to get in touch with their fans from the Philippines. To aspire to be them and be with them, how can you not be happy with that!

Hundreds of people lined up patiently to get a glimpse, get some of their gears signed and take photos of them. It was one awesome night of connecting and getting to know their Skate gods up close like that was but a dream for some of these guys. I can relate!

It was a blast and but a successful event for Supra, Ellington and of course Urban Athletics where you'll find all of these brands under one roof. Thank you so much to PRC Inc. and everyone behind this launch who hooked us up with this awesome event! I had so much fun and am looking forward to see the next one soon!

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