Domain Renewal Should Be Easy

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

There are several things that bug web masters like me nowadays and one of them is the hassle we go through in renewing domains. It's not just expensive, but totally arduous because once your domain expires it'll take you a ton and a half of dollars just to purchase it back because most hosts probably won't notify you and don't care for you at all. Maintenance also is another story. Transferring domains, transferring servers and files is so difficult that it doesn't even fathom how much we even paid for the domain itself. Back then, I was trying to keep my temper in check while I wait for support to give me a hand. It made me realize that it was time to go to the professionals. 

This is why I'm just having fun now with GODADDY. The minute I paid for the domain they took care of everything already. If I had a problem I can just check out articles or just call them or on some instances just ask other people about it. The consumer base of GODADDY means there millions of people in the world who probably know how to take care of site settings and can give you advise too in utilizing their service. If all else fails, ask another site owner or use some of their other support channels. I tried to look for places where I can get a Godaddy net coupon for some of the domains I manage but it was a little difficult to do so. I know if I can get one it is going to be good. I also thought that I could wait for a Godaddy .net promo code instead because that's the next more popular domain extension. I don't know if it is going to be a little difficult for people to take notice of domains like that since it's quite different. Just as long as I have Godaddy Promo Codes I think I can manage, because it'll be easy and affordable unlike some hosts I know. I won't have to name them of course! 

Good thing I also saw some promo codes we can use if ever!

$7.99 .Net registrations, transfers and renewals.

Save 30% off .Com .Net .Org and .Co domain names


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