The Artista Academy Awards Night!

Thursday, November 01, 2012

When we arrived at the SMART ARANETA Coliseum it was still dark. I was so excited that I was shouting profusely while people were cheering on the bleachers. Truly these guys have a huge following and we're about to witness the last night... as they call it the awards night.

The place was packed and imagine when I shot this it was only a few minutes after they opened the gates. Mark had fans in Red, Aki had his fans wear Yellow, Shaira Mae had her fans in Green, Chanel had her fans wear Purple, Vin had his fans wear Blue and Sophie had her fans wear Pink! The last photo however shows even the fans of Nora Aunor was there! So for sure she's probably going to appear later.

As you can see, GFORCE opened the show!

Then one by one they came out!

Sophie Albert

Vin Abrenica

Shaira Mae

Mark Neumann

Chanel Morales

and Akihiro Blanco

They gave us a great production number! We were so proud of the ones we were rooting for =) You probably know who I wanted to win right? hehe but of course everyone in the Top 6 deserved to win!

Then one by one the judges/critics went to their seats!

Direk Mac Alejandre was dapper in his suit, Ms. Gelli De Belen was hot in Red, Ms. Lorna Tolentino still gorgeous in Green, Ms. Wilma Galvante all shimmering in her blue and crystal dress!

Marvin Agustin and Cesar Montano of course hosted the show. They are very proud of these kids.

Then the individual performances started; Sophie Albert had a rock and roll number!

Sophie was a little nervous, but she did quite good in the short film and her performance that evening. Judges were very impressed!

Then Vin Abrenica performed!

He performed with the Sex Bomb Dancers and yes ladies, he showed his abs on stage. People went wild! He also did a short Action film, quite amazing how we'll see them do this after the show.

Then Chanel Morales came in

Chanel had this fabulous outfit on. She might have some wardrobe malfunctions in the performance but she was saved by her professional dance crew. Still she performed at par with the rest of the guys and yes she did so good in her short film where she portrayed a crazy girl. She made something so simple very interesting says Direk Mac. Congratulations Chanel! :)

Then it was Mark Neumann's turn!

He was nervous but had very high hopes because he did his best. He had very good feedback from the critics and his short film was awesome. Even if he hasn't perfected his Filipino yet, he's getting high regards with his performance as his eyes speaks says Ms. Lorna Tolentino. How I wished he won but it's okay, he's going places for sure!

Then Shaira Mae went at it again with a Carribean-Latin sounding dance number!

Shaira Mae knew her strengths, and obviously she was also a strong contender for the coveted Best Actress award. Her performance was phenomenal! She'll probably have to do more of these dances even after the show because damn she's so good at it!

Then crowd favorite Akihiro Blanco came next!

Akihiro Blanco brought the house down. His performance was so fun that evening, we were all truly entertained! He was a tough person to win against because he had so much fans the Smart Araneta Coliseum filled with screams everytime he came out!

Then of course we saw the rest of the guys and gals who got kicked out! :) But honestly these are some good people. What I love most is that they still know me. Some of them didn't forget :)

I was so happy to see gorgeous Malak, Benjo (whom I also saw a few days ago in Creations Salon), Marvelous, Jon, Brent and Chris. They danced with Valene and Mr. Fu on stage. These guys will surely have their careers handled well once their shows on TV5 starts Forever Barkada! Watch out for that!

Then restaurateur Marvin Agustin introduced SoVin, Shark, and AkiNel. Yes they have been paired and yes they looked sweet!

And I've heard they will all get married soon Hahahaha =)

The mentors and critics, this was before they announced the winner!

The ladies, came out with their gorgeous long gowns...

The men looked just fine with their outfits on this bit.

Mr. Eddie Garcia and the VP for TV5 announced the Best Actress. They were so nervous!

Then she was announced!

With computed scores from the past exams, the scores from this evening's performance, and the throng of fans supporting her.... Best Actress goes to Sophie Albert!

Congratulations Sophie! You did well! =) We are so happy for you!

Then came the time to announce the Best Actor

They all had serious faces... everyone wanted to win

Less pressure, because it was the one and only Superstar Nora Aunor who is announcing the Best Actor! LOL

Then it was announced!

Balling and crying on this part is Vin Abrenica... the winner... Best Actor! Congratulations Vin! You are a natural born triple threat!

Sophie dedicated this to her Mom, her family and friends, her supporters too for making this possible!

She cried too...

Vin on the other hand dedicated this win to his parents... which he hopes will just take a break and retire. He knew they needed time to relax. He's stepping up to support his family too!

He couldn't speak for a while, he kept crying on stage.

Congratulations Vin Abrenica and Sophie Albert, Best Actor and Best Actress of the first ever Artista Academy!

Touching moment, Jon Orlando crying so hard when he hugged Sophie Albert. He must be really happy for her!

Then their friends and family just went up on stage too!

Hope you guys love the photos!

I'm out!

Here are some of the photos I took from backstage (before the show) =)

First ones that I saw backstage was Jon and winner Sophie 

Good looking hunk Benjo =)

Gorgeous Malak :)
 Chuck and Rod Magaru =)

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