Rob Kardashian and Kylie Jenner for HUMAN!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ginger Conejero hosting the event

It was so nice to have been invited to an intimate luncheon for HUMAN. I've been a fan of this clothing brand since college. I have a few accessories and shirts from this brand that I still use now. With the influx of international endorsers in the country, HUMAN just made sure they get heard and breaks the silence by having Rob Kardashian and Kylie Jenner as their ambassadors. Now who in the right mind wouldn't be happy with that?! =)

Imagine A-list stars from Hollywood are right here in front of our eyes. Rob Kardashian had that sweet smile, gorgeous tattoos and that look women would fall for. Kylie Jenner all grown up and getting her looks in place, totally confident in their HUMAN outfits. We were all starstruck!

Rob was nice, he was quite impressed about the fashion industry in the Philippines. He never knew it was this big! Rob actually only wears very relaxed clothing much like what HUMAN has. When they checked out the store the day before this event, he saw some key pieces he liked in HUMAN's line. He veered towards the shirts and the jeans. He was surprised to see some items that are not available even in the US. The one he specifically mentioned was the pants that looked like sweats. He wanted everything to be comfortable but aside from that he sees some of the things he got from HUMAN perfect for his everyday wear. He even got a lot of things for his girl. Hard to break it to you girls but he's got a girlfriend LOL!

Rob has seen his little sisters grow, had fun teasing Kylie which by the way is only 15 years old and so mature for her age. He says he's so proud about his sister who has taken leaps and bounds in her own career too. A lot o brands trust her already and he can't imagine how she'll be in the next few years. Even if Rob was the only guy in the family, he made sure he's got his sisters, Mom and Step-dad stay happy.

Her face was beaming, she lights up the whole room when she looks at us. You kinda smile automatically after seeing her. She's young and fresh, Kylie Jenner is perfect for HUMAN clothing. She told us what she would wear when she's out partying around town. Jeans and shirts are okay with her. Short shorts too. She doesn't go overdressed for any occasion. She only wants something effortless and something that she could put together in a few minutes. She doesn't wear heels all the time either. Maybe if its a fancy dinner with family, then its okay! 

Make sure you rush to HUMAN stores nationwide and find out why looking good isn't just for A List Hollywood superstars like the Kardashians. Try to keep it up and get those HUMAN Jeans, Shirts, Shorts, bags and accessories now!

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