The Multiply Origination Awards!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

What does it take to be called original? A great idea? A new product? An innovation? It can be anything that you could think of; but for it to be properly recognized, you have to have that extra special something in you that people can't pass on as ordinary. If you know someone who possesses these traits, isn't it just right to award them right away for their efforts?

Multiply (yeah that awesome social network - entrepreneurship platform) will be launching the one and only ORIGINATION AWARDS! On October 16 to November 11, 2012, you can nominate individuals/entities that fall upon these categories:

Most Original Fashion Forward Idea
For products that can be worn and/or used as an accessory.  Example: Dress, Shoes, Jewelry, Bags, and accessories. This also includes Make-up, Hair products, Toiletries, etc.
Most Original Gourmand Idea
These are for products that are edible. If you know someone who sells food and/or beverage you can nominate them on this category.
Most Original Mommy Management Idea
All products that are used by moms in order to achieve better work-life balance may fit into this category. Items can be baby / kid products, home decor, household items, etc.

You can nominate any Multiply Merchant or seller that's got the Trusted Badge and has been with them for the last 3 months. For those who haven't got the Multiply Trusted Badge yet, you can always apply for it even within the nomination period. Click here to know how.

Online voting (which constitutes 30% of the total score) starts from November 20, 12:00 A.M., until December 20, 11:59 P.M. Other criteria Product concept and Innovation weighs 40%, Perceived value 15%, and Marketability for 15% accordingly. With or without a Multiply account, you can vote for as many original product ideas as long as it is done during the online voting period. Sellers/Merchants/Businesses can only send one entry per category. You have to remember that!

For more information about how you can nominate and vote for your favorites, please visit


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