SUMOSAM Introduces Kurobuta Pork and New Items on the Menu!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Our love for Japanese food is unquestionable. If we count the number of times we ate and love Japanese, it might take a while to recall everything but nevertheless, it is something that my family and I share. That sunny afternoon, SUMOSAM just reminded me more of the things I love about their dishes!

Marvin Agustin, President of SumoSam Foods, this year's recepient of Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He was so happy SUMOSAM was launching a couple of dishes seeing that their menu was continuously evolving. Their good looking PR and Marketing honcho also explained to us a bit about the products they have in store for us. The Chef's themselves were there to show us how each piece was intricately prepared for their customers. Then they made our eyes light up with the first thing they served on our table.

Tonkatsu Kurobuta

Don't let me stop your mouth from watering. Just seeing this meat laid down on stainless steel cooling racks after they served us unlimited hot rice and unlimited coleslaw (with special hot sesame dressing) just spelled lunch. Tonkatsu normally would be anything like a cutlet breaded and deep fried to perfection. However, there is something special about this one. The pork is called Kurobuta, drawn from a special breed of swine from a region in England called Berkshire. The Black Berkshire was sent to modern day Okinawa ages ago and was dubbed best of the best pork because of its superior marbling and balance of fat and meat content. Today, it has been priced and produced as premium pork known the world over. Today, SUMOSAM felt it was hightime Filipinos get to taste the best there is in their menu so they introduced this melt in your mouth, tender pork cutlet covered in crispy golden brown panko bread crumbs that you can dip in a special Japanese Tonkatsu sauce. I closed my eyes (and you surely will involuntarily) and immediately felt heaven on my palate. I loved every bit of this, you should definitely order this off the menu!

Chicken Teriyaki Pizza - Imagine your favorite Chicken Teriyaki shredded, Teriyaki sauce poured over it then put int a toasty thin crust with a hefty amount of cheese on top. This was initially only served in 2 branches but since there have been rave reviews about it, they decided to have this made on ALL their stores. It was sweet and crunchy, very savory. I wanted more but I had to share LOL!

Bacon Kane Pizza -  If you are Sushi or Maki lovers, I'm sure you are no stranger to Kane or Crab sticks. They played with several flavors but this one works wonders that it's one of the best sellers in the 2 branches they initially sold this in. A surf and turf dish need not be too arduous to prepare as this one only takes a couple of minutes to prepare. If you are in a hurry and need something to feed your seafood or pork craving, then this is the next big thing. They also had one with shrimp on it which they call Shrimp Enoki Pizza (Enoki is a kind of mushroom). Order one if you need something to eat fast, they said they can cook this in 7 minutes and prepare within a few more! This and a bottle of beer would be perfect! And who in this perfect world doesn't love bacon! =)

Zaru Cha Soba - I've always found cold soba noodles more appealing than the hot ones. Good thing SUMOSAM has 3 variants zaru cha soba (soba with green tea), zaru soba and soba with katsuboshi (fish flakes) all served with tamago (strips of egg), sweet soy based sauce with spring onions and wasabi. Dipping it in sweet soy sauce was too good to pass plus the taste complements each other. I want more so I'll definitely go back for this in SUMOSAM!


Meringue with Avocado and Mango Coulis - Thick Avocado Ice cream sandwiched in two meringue layers set in a sweet mango sauce/coulis. I loved the extra serving of Avocado Ice cream on the side. Presentation was quite cute and the combination of flavors were nice.

Chocolate Ganache Cake - Chocolate cake with oozing chocolate sauce from the center, with slivers of almonds, slices of cherry and chocolate dipped oranges on the side. They didn't hold back on this one obviously. Sweets on sweets on sweets on sweets. Get that sugar high the right way with this combo for your dessert, something totally different for your last bite!

All these are on the menu and they've got one of the newest branches opened too at the Gateway Mall in Cubao, Quezon City. Drop your spoon and fork then grab those chopsticks instead and visit the SUMOSAM branch near you. It's totally worth it! Congratulations on these new items on the menu I'm sure I'm not the only one salivating on these and that awesome Kurobuta Pork! =)

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I love the dessert! :)

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Yeap! So yummy! ^_^