GEAR4: Amped Up. Party Ready. In The Philippines!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Too good to be true but it is, GEAR4 just launched their line in the Philippines.

We were witness to that a couple of days ago at the posh Craft Pub and Grill in Fort Strip. GEAR4 being the premier iPod and iPhone accessory brand seems to be spreading their wings in Asia Pacific and the Philippines smartphone market definitely is a place to reckon with. Dubbed as the texting capital of the world we are some of the most saturated phone users and the number of iPhone, iPad, iPod and other apple mobile devices are just but a normalcy in this country. GEAR4 which is owned by a UK-based company, Disruptive Limited knows we need them too to get our devices protected, made pretty and kept being used for various applications. Speakers of all forms and sizes were shown to us that evening and it was awesome!

It's none of those cheap ones (quality wise) you see out in the market. It's the real deal and I've heard them being used with smartphones that night and when it was pounding, it really did. What first caught my eye were these cute, adorable birds from Rovia.

These Angry Bird Mini Speakers boasts clear and impressive sound in its ultra portable size.
 - Link multiple speakers via 3.5mm cable
- iPod, iPhone, iPad compatible
- Android Compatible
- Expandable bass port
- Up to 8Hrs playback
- 1390.00 Philippine Pesos SRP

Airzone Series 1 
- AirPlay Enabled
- FM Radio
- Charged iPod / iPhone / iPad
- Remote Control

The Airzone Series 1 is an iPad, iPad 2 & iPad 3, iPhone 3GS/4, iPod touch (3rd/4th generation) compatible dock that is designed for the sleek and classy audiophile that not only boasts performance but not sacrificing in the looks department. With it's FM Radio capability, you won't miss that new track you've been eagerly waiting for in the airwaves or that radio show you love!

 HouseParty Rise

- I'ts got a Wireless Remote Control where you can control your speaker over Wi-Fi
- A brand new spanking Animated Weather Display so you can wake-up knowing the weather
- Auto-Sync Time and Alarm just by using the dock to sync with your Apple device
- Wake-up to your FM Radio station or your favorite Music by letting it do that so he can wake up!
- Auto-tune sound, Save and Edit your favorite FM stations
- Dim your speaker display and use swipe gestures to go to your next song. So hightech!

This particular hardware is app enhanced which means there's a corresponding app you can use in your own smartphone to control some of the features of this device aside from just using the controls on the box itself. Pretty neat eh?! It can also synch with alarms you set on the other devices you have as long as its compatible. 

The Unity Remote seen on the right side can actually control all your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Yes it can control all of them with just one gadget. Isn't that neat to see something like this? Now it'll be easier to just use and everything will just work with one thing to maintain. It makes everything convenient!

There were a lot more in the display and I find them all impressive. They have really re-branded and shown a lot of promise since their inception in 2006. Now they are gearing to other smartphone models that are compatible with Android too. GEAR4 is really more than an accessory manufacturer now. Just by looking at this full range of speakers and other accessories you are surely going to be on a thrill ride into non dedicated Apple or Android OS products. They will take this accessory brand to greater heights and show why quality wise they are number 1 in the UK!

They are also adding more things to their line so make sure you check out their website for more information. You don't have to settle with anything less. I've seen some already listed in maybe you guys should go ahead and visit!

GEAR4's Website is found at

Distributed in the Philippines by IONTECH



ZaiZai said...

This is cool! Can you remember how much the Airzone Series 1 is? :)

John Bueno said...

It retails for PHP 11,010 on ^_^

Elmer B. Domingo said...

I adore the Angry Birds mini-speakers :)