Davao Hotspots: Backyard Burgers!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Since I went to Davao a couple of days ago, I felt it was but right to give time and relative attention to one of the few places I visited while staying there. Honestly, when I was looking for a food adventure in Davao I was gearing more into none of those fine dining shops because I've heard they've got pretty much a hefty amount of places to go to in this city. I wanted something like a hole in the wall thingy where everyone is enjoying food without breaking the bank or just simply one where locals would actually frequent to. With the recommendation of D60Krew matriarch and new local Davao resident Ms. Bambit Gaerlan we went to a nice quaint place over at Central Quirino (Elpidio Quirino Avenue). It's a few minutes via a cab ride away from where I stayed in Davao. 

This was officially the time we're meeting each other (after a long time); the last time of which she was still in Pasay City. We agreed to meet dinner time so I could get to roam around the place in the evening and get a few hours rest from roaming around the city the whole day. 

The place had a no frills, no thrills kind of ambiance. I think they were really gunning for that backyard kind of feel so everything was out there in the open. The tables were a little greasy so I'm kinda expecting this to be a little adventurous. Lo and behold they've got pretty good ones in the menu!

Backyard Burgers always had specials which they promptly called a "Yard Sale!", but on that day that I visited, this was actually the one that's on promo:

Jalapeno Poppers - It's a lot like stuffed Jalapeno Peppers most Mexican/Spanish restaurants served stuffed with cheese and other things but this one's a little chopped/grounded up, quite creamy and probably had potatoes/starch into it instead of ground beef. The Jalapeno of course is HOT just the way I like it. 

Hot Oil + a couple of these guys can get you started. What's even better is that the regular price of this is 80 Philippine Pesos. They had it on promo so you can actually have it for only 50 Pesos instead! Servings wise, its a bargain since it is relatively large. Just a couple of paper napkins and these guys over garlic ranch or maybe even ketchup would be nice. I had lots of these, let's leave it at that. You also have to line up, order first and pay for it then wait for it to arrive on your table.(photo on right "me in ordering action" LOL is courtesy of Ms. Bambit Gaerlan via IPAD)

The Backyard Burgers

I wanted to see what they have in store for me that evening. The friendly crew got us to choose how we wanted our burgers to be cooked. A chart explained how we'll be having our meat served =) now this is one thing I love already, I always have my steak medium rare and that's what I got!

I said OH! and took a closer look. Actually, this thing kinda looked familiar to me even if I didn't visit the store yet, it felt like de javu!.. this probably was in my dream!

This is their BB Garhsroom Burger - It's got lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup, mayo, onions, cheddar cheese, their own home made burger patty (which I heard is Australian in descent), garlic mushroom smothered in melted butter, bacon and a black sesame seed bun. Photos don't really lie. It looks good, it tasted good. This only costs a mere 130.00 bucks! It's a gourmet burger but not priced as one like those heavy ones you see in the malls.

I observed they had margarine/butter also on the bun which made the burger a little tasty. Though patrons might think this will overwhelm the burger, it was actually just right for me. Not for the faint of heart though because you might understand this is comfort food. Don't expect tofu on your burger here!

Because I want it bigger (of course!) this is the one I ordered. This is the BB Signature Burger (priced 250.00 but servings quite heavy!)! Definitely larger than the Garshroom, this one promises to be meatier, flavorful and packed with more of that beefy goodness men would absolutely love! Since it's gonna be mine, I made sure to have it Medium Rare. I didn't get disappointed because I got what I wanted! Lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup, mayo, onions, cheddar cheese, 2 huge home made beef patties, garlic mushroom smothered in melted butter, bacon and a black sesame seed bun.It also has strips of Yakiniku Beef, sweet ham and a their special sauce (a secret recipe!)

Good food, fair price, its a treat to have this be my dinner of all places "Davao!". Man, it was heavy that I couldn't take a bit off of it because it was HUGE! I thought all I would see here was seafood and small treats on corner lots but this one was good! I wouldn't mind having my comfort food fix in Backyard Burgers. So if you guys want to visit Davao real soon, you better make sure you got this on your list!

Just compare the size of my camera and the burger. Get the point? =) (Photo again by Ms. Bambit Gaerlan via her IPAD)
Thanks to wonderful and proud owners Juan and Rica Gadi who talked to us about their gourmet burger joint in Davao, I wouldn't mind coming back! =)


For more information about their store and special offers (changes everyday!)

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Backyard Burgers Central (Quirino)

/*Disclaimer: I paid for what we ate! c^^,) my vacation, my treat!


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kagutom! iba ang dating sa akin ng BB Garhsroom Burger, parang soul mate ko sya. kailangan naming magkita!

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