Freeway x Carlos "Botong" Francisco

Monday, October 22, 2012

One of the greatest Filipino Modernists Carlos "Botong" V. Francisco has made us look at art in a different view. His aesthetics, the way he makes these pieces all have impressed critics and those who appreciate modern art here and around the world. Freeway continues to pay homage to these true blood national artists and make them part of the clothing line and accessories that drawn patrons who can't wait for Botong's pieces be interpreted and interpreted through fashion. They have done this with other national artists and it has been a worthy cause. This one is special because not only do we get to see the relatives of the artist, but even have a resident expert and the one and only Madame Tingting Cojuangco on stage to treat us on a historical journey. And that's what we got!

We saw some of our blogging friends there!

We also saw some awesomely talented kids do artwork on the spot courtesy of the Blanco Family Academy. I surely would love my future kid to be in one of their programs.

That's also the same place we saw Ms. Tingting Cojuangco. She took time talking to the kids and appreciating what they made because as you can see they are not just stick figures, but quite surreal pieces of art!

The gorgeous and oh so beautiful Ms. Cherie Gil hosted the event. Her passion for art and love for the artists was just the perfect setting.

I rushed inside the store to take a look at some of the pieces they had with the artists work on it and I was quite impressed!

Then when I stepped out of the store, the same garments were shown in a gorgeous fashion show. Of course it's Freeway!

Then the stories came, of course it'll be Ms. Tingting Cojuangco and the experts who made the event quite a crowd pleaser because they gave their pov on the subject and works of art that this humble man from Angono, Rizal made. Murals, paintings and other medium, he made it with his community, friends and family in mind. You can evidently see these subjects on this work. Pretty neat.

Congratulations to Freeway for paying homage to this national artist. We all hope you continue to honor these guys who deserve the attention. Art and Freeway should continue to flourish, and I'd be glad to cover it for all the lovely reasons. Again, congratulations!

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glentot said...

Natakot ako kay Cherie Gil. Kakanood ko lang ng Bituing Walang Ningning noong Sabado.

Mira Sagrado said...

Awww. I always look forward to your blog post, John! Great feature, as usual! Thank you!!

KUMAGCOW said...

Thanks Mira! ^_^v