The Launch Of His Self Titled Album: Paulo Avelino

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Everybody knows Paulo Avelino. Cute, gorgeous, sexy, one that's got the body that most people would envy. I was able to interview him a few months ago for the movie Aswang. I find him so humble, appealing and who wouldn't wanna say the best terms you would ever wanna think of for a guy who's got the best assets ordinary men would just dream of. Playing the famed character "Nathan" in Walang Hanggan probably made him the household name that he is. Admittedly he says it was not much of a sacrifice when he decided to transfer stations, but he said he made some VERY tough decisions. He's now reaping the fruits of his labor and he owes his success to a lot of people. His management, his family, his fans and all the people who support him. 

Now pegged as one of the most bankable actors of our time, he marks this day as his freedom. Freedom to venture into other forms of art, yes ladies and gentlemen... Paulo Avelino's got a self titled album and he's excited to let you hear about it. His current single "When She Cries" has been doing good in airplays and requests now consequently placing 6th on topping other singers and artists in legal digital downloads. How can you not be happy with that?! =)

A little nervous at first, Paulo introduced us to his new album. It's got three covers to cater to everyone's taste, 6 tracks and its counterpart minus ones so 12 all in all. He says he owes a lot of his fame to the success of his show in ABSCBN and since he wanted to be a well rounded actor and singer they gave him this opportunity to have his own album. He also touched a bit on how he missed the Cosmo Bachelor Bash because of the One Kapamilya Tour. He's not holding back on baring himself out in the public and says as long the project needs it he will do it. He feels a little sad about ending the series Walang Hanggan and will miss his co actors too. He mentioned that the last airing will be on the 26th but fret not because he's got a few films up his sleeve. "The bride and the lover" with Lovi Poe and Jennelyn Mercado is now in the works. Plus he's got more projects in the pipeline. Among the tracks in this album, his favorite is "Your Love". They are also making the music video for this already so make sure you stay tuned for that. His priorities onlynow include family, work, friends, fans and of course God among others. 

He shares his excitement about the official release of this album this Friday and the upcoming meet and greet on SM Skydome which will happen on Sunday. He's going to do a lot of things that day so if you don't have anything to do on October 7, 2012 rush down to SM City North Edsa and get the chance to avail of his album and watch his show. 

I admire Paulo Avelino, for being the great actor that he is, and the things he does so he could learn other things... because he treats himself as a true artist! Music to him is just like acting so he is trying to hone his skills other than the obvious; because he knows he's been pretty good at it. This is his life long dream. He wanted to really sing and his track sales online show there is a market for him. The song choices in this album are evident of how he grew up in the 90's so he wanted to have a band perform with him too later on if the opportunity permits. After all, he does not want to disappoint the crew and producers who made this happen for him. His only one wish is for you to see how much he wants to do this for you too... make sure you grab his album on stores this Friday. Show starts on Sunday 5pm at the SM North Skydome so don't forget he's waiting for you!

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ZaiZai said...

You take the best pictures Kumagcow! Paulo and I would like to hire you for our prenup :)

Too bad I have work on Sunday, or else I'll be there at his mall tour!

el toro bumingo said...

At talagang topless pic ang cover ng album n'ya hehehe :)